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Car rental for Ceremonies and Wedding Parties

Car rental service for your wedding, the service includes the driver, the car arrival at the address of the bride / groom is at least 30 minutes before departure to church for the ceremony as destination, stops for eventual photos or other things and arrival at the restaurant. Possibility of the service also after the restaurant.

The kinds of available cars for this service are modern car such as e-class mercedes, s-class mercedes or white limousine, mesarati with four cardoors, or some vintage cars such as cabrio beetle, jaguar of 1960 and more.

Elegance and competence
In these pictures there are some examples of car preparation for your ceremony. Prices change depending on the type of car and on the length of the ceremony itinerary....
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Trailer for car transport

from june 2015
from june we have a new service, the rental of a light trailer (for car transport), it will be sufficient to have a car provided with a hook and rent our trailer. The trailer rental will be ...

new Mercedes V class

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Travels to Expo Milan 2015

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