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Travels to Expo Milan 2015

June-October 2015
Autonoleggio Magellano offers round trips to visit expo milan 2015. Our cars and minivans are available for day-trips, without worrying about driving home after a whole day spent to visit t...


FALCONARA - Four titles for one single theater....out of the ordinary. Yes it is, because the billboard, made by the cultural commission of the Falconara municipality with the collaboration ...

new Mercedes V class

Ancona - Regione Marche
New Mercedes V class 250 added to our fleet for the rental service with driver . The medium offers the maximum comfort and safety , can carry 7 passengers plus the driver and in our extra-l...

Trailer for car transport

from june 2015
from june we have a new service, the rental of a light trailer (for car transport), it will be sufficient to have a car provided with a hook and rent our trailer. The trailer rental will be ...
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