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PRIVACY POLICY (Legislative Decree N. 196 of 30 June 2003).

Information and consent (clause 13, 23 et seq.) Autonoleggio Magellano protects the user privacy right in relation to his interactions with this website. All the information provided by the user to Autonoleggio Magellano with this website or otherwise are processed incompliance with the Legislative Decree N. 196 of 30 June 2003.

1) The information given by the user will be processed in accordance with the principles of lawfulness, relevance and not excess and, in any case, will be kept for a period of time not exceeding that strictly necessary for the achievement of the above mentioned purposes.

2) Some information, then, will have to be given by the user in compliance with the laws against money laundering. About that please note that the processing of personal information related to anti-money laundering obligations will be done with consideration to the specific execution modalities as imposed to non-financial operators by the regulation about the identification and information preservation as expected by clause 3, section 2 of the Legislative Decree. n. 56/2004 and adopted by D.M. n. 143/2006. Therefore, any possible refusal to respond precludes the requested professional service.

3) The owner of the Autonoleggio Magellano website guarantees that the user data will be processed with strictly necessary modalities, including computer and telematic modalities, to provide to the user the required service, and the user data will be stored in a secure computer database. The data processing can imply operations as expected by clause 4, section 1, letter A of the Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003 (collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blockage, destruction, cancellation, etc.).

4) In compliance with clause 7 (RIGHT TO ACCESS TO PERSONAL DATA AND OTHER RIGHTS) of above mentioned Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, the user has the right to know, at any time, which ones of his data are stored in our company, appealing, directly or with his delegate, to the data processing controller; the user has the right to update, integrate, correct or delete them, then the user has the right to request the data block and to refuse their processing. More precisely, the data cancellation and block apply to processed data in violation of law. The data integration requires to claim an interest. The opposition can always be exercised to advertising material, direct sales or market research, otherwise, the opposition requires a legitimate reason. If you want to take advantage of these rights, please contact us at e-mail amm@autonoleggiomagellano.it.

SECURITY Each confidential information from your computer to our website is kept safe from third parties. Please note that if you browse from autonoleggiomagellano.it to another website by means of a link, we do not have any control over that site. Therefore, Autonoleggio Magellano can’t ensure that those who control such website respect your privacy in the same way we respect it.

MODIFICATION OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY AND SECURITY Autonoleggio Magellano reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the privacy policy and the security at any time. It is recommended to verify regularly the above mentioned rules to check for any modifications. However, if new modifications will change substantially the use by autonoleggiomagellano.it.it of any personal information, such modifications will be subject to prior authorization from the user.

PAYMENT SECURITY AND SITE OPERATION. Autonoleggio Magellano undertakes in any reasonable way to promote the security of all transactions. The payments are made by the user directly on the site interface connected to the circuit CARTA SI (KeyClient), which uses HTTPS technique. It is also pointed out that the data inserted on the web to make payments are processed directly to the server of the circuit agreed upon, that guarantees their security; it is specified that Autonoleggio Magellano hasn’t any kind of power or control on that circuit. HTTPS, in fact, stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer and it is the result of the implementation of an asymmetric encryption protocol to a http hypertexts transfer protocol. The encryption prevents, in fact, the reading of information by unauthorized people and ensure data integrity. HTTPS is used to guarantee confidential transfers of data on the web, to prevent data contents interception that could be made by ‘the man in the middle’ attack technique. No data related to payments is typed by the user on the site autonoleggiomagellano.it, therefore, we are not, in any way, responsible for any possible damages or losses of any kind, resulting from or in any way related to the use of the above mentioned site, during the transaction. The computer systems and software procedures used for the operation of this website acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data and their transmission is implicit during the use of internet communication protocols (internet domain and IP protocol, browser type and computer operating system, date, time and length of the visit on the site, visited pages, any search engine used to enter in the site). These data are not collected to be linked with identified person concerned, but by their nature could, through processing and links with third parties data, be used to identify the users. This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users to connect to the site, notation addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the file size obtained in response, the code number indicating the status of response from the server (successful, error etc.) and other parameters concerning the user operating system and computer environment.

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Travels to Expo Milan 2015

June-October 2015
Autonoleggio Magellano offers round trips to visit expo milan 2015. Our cars and minivans are available for day-trips, without worrying about driving home after a whole day spent to visit t...


FALCONARA - Four titles for one single theater....out of the ordinary. Yes it is, because the billboard, made by the cultural commission of the Falconara municipality with the collaboration ...

new Mercedes V class

Ancona - Regione Marche
New Mercedes V class 250 added to our fleet for the rental service with driver . The medium offers the maximum comfort and safety , can carry 7 passengers plus the driver and in our extra-l...

Trailer for car transport

from june 2015
from june we have a new service, the rental of a light trailer (for car transport), it will be sufficient to have a car provided with a hook and rent our trailer. The trailer rental will be ...
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