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Our quality policy
UNI EN ISO 9001 – 2008 certification

The management has considered worthwhile to adopt a management quality system, because the customer and his satisfaction are our main purpose.
In order to meet all the requirements, our company focuses on present customers in local market and commits to organize the management system to satisfy their expectations and demands.

The organization team analyzed customer demands and expectations, based on formulated and well-concluded contracts, to make our company increasingly competitive. From these analysis the most common customer expectations and demands became our purposes and indicators to create an appropriate management system.

The organization team considers important and strategic his direct involvement in the management system, as well as the whole staff (at all levels) in order to improve the working environment, to increase the motivation of our employees, to enhance our product/service and to promote our employees’s commitment to regulatory issues, safety and environmental protection. The management team aims to involve also drivers, to achieve its goals and to perform its services to keep growing up and to reach a very high quality standards of the product / service.
We extended our service also to organize travels to have a wider range of services.
Moreover, the management team focuses on increasing efficiency by reducing eventual problems that occurred during the performance of services; we aim to limit costs and to be more and more competitive on the market.

The management team thinks also eco-friendly, to respect the environment and its relative laws.
In line with the quality policy of the company, the organization team has the following objectives:

  1. Aim for the full satisfaction of customer needs, by defining the requirements of the customer and providing products \ services in compliance with the contract specifications and with the reference laws;
  2. Give the service in compliance with the reference directives and laws both for the performance of the provided service to the customer and in compliance with the safety rules;
  3. Get a motivated confidence by customers on our company's ability to achieve the required quality level and maintain it over the time (this purpose will be achieved by organizing the management system);
  4. Respect the environment during the performances of a service;
  5. maintain an appropriate quality management system to keep it improving little by little
  6. ensure the safety and protection of employees during the performance of service (this purpose is achieved by respecting all the actions decided by stipulated by Dlgs 81/08 and its following integrations).
  7. ensure the protection of employees' personal data and as well of the customer / supplier (this purpose is achieved by respecting all the actions provided by the privacy policy).

Our objectives and quality policy will be put to the attention of the concerned employees, by the management team, through meetings so that they can be understood and supported to implement them as part of the management system.
Periodically, the management system examine carefully objectives and the quality policy, that can be eventually redefined to adapt them to latest requirements.

To achieve these objectives the management team intends to:

  1. control the newest needs and expectations on the market;
  2. define objectives and measurable indices in dedicated documents, e.g. about non-compliance issues, complaints and cost assessment .;
  3. define monitoring time and objectives review;
  4. record the planning, monitoring and reviewing activity;
  5. make available the necessary resources;
  6. create a prompt and correct information system for our customers.

Appropriate documents are available to get more informations about defined objectives in relation to the different company areas and about controls to verify the achievement of these objectives.
On the improvement plan document there are specific indicators to verify the achieved rating and to identify areas for improvement. This document is attached to the review document and \ or used separately according to internal dispositions.

The supervisor of the quality management system has been nominated for the establishment, management and implementation of the quality management system, he has the specific authority to ensure that the quality system meets the criteria of referential laws.
It was also identified the management delegate, in the supervisor of the quality management system, that has the the responsibility to refer to me on the quality system implementation state in order to review periodically the quality system and to keep improving continuously.

Marina di Montemarciano, October 31, 2016

The management team

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